Welcome to the wonderful world of children singing! Our mission is to educate children, ages 6-18, in developing an understanding for and a love of classical music, to provide exceptional choral training and to offer choral concerts that benefit diverse audiences. 

We are holding rolling auditions now through September, for children in grades 2-12 for the 2017-2018  season, and also in January for the second semester. You do not need to bring a prepared audition piece; just bring a completed Registration Form.  The audition process is quick and simple. A conductor will listen for the singer’s ability to match pitches, to learn a simple tune, and to hold one’s voice part against others.

There are thee choirs: Training Choir, Concert Choir, Schola, and My Own Voice. While prior musical training is not necessary to participate in Treble Chorus of New England, an audition is required for all the choirs except My Own Voice, our special needs choir. Children will be placed in the appropriate program based on their skills, maturity, and readiness.

Our Opera Cast performs one opera each year.  Auditions are held in the spring prior to the upcoming season and also by appointment in August. Children ages 10-18 are eligible.

All auditions are by appointment only. To request a scheduled audition, please either email Melanie Muggia.

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The Treble Chorus of New England works to maintain a balance between the development of the child as a musician and as a performer.  This balanced development is pursued by teaching the discipline of regular practice, formal choral performances, international and national tours, and involvement in the community.  Our goal is to foster a lifelong love for choral singing in our choristers, both as participants and as appreciative audience members.

The following groups enable children to move on to new knowledge and challenges as they gain mastery of musical skills. 

Training Choir

Training Choir is for the younger, less experienced singer (most singers are ages 6 – 9).  The choristers begin to learn proper vocal techniques including breath control, tone production, diction, and posture. They also develop an understanding of the stage, fundamental music skills and concepts, languages, and they develop a solid foundation of music literacy. Training Choir rehearses weekly for one hour from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. 

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is the larger, intermediate ensemble (most singers are ages 10 – 13).  The choristers continue to advance their work in vocal techniques, musical skills, and languages. They build focus and musical responsibility and are encouraged to work independently when learning more advanced repertoire. The choristers perform a wide variety of music in many languages. Concert Choir rehearses weekly for one hour and a half from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. 


Schola is the choir for the more advanced singer (most singers are ages 14 – 18).  The choristers develop advanced musical skills and languages, study a more challenging repertoire, and perform a wide variety of music in many languages. They demonstrate a willingness and desire to achieve a high level of responsibility, commitment, and leadership. Schola rehearses once a week for two hours from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 

My Own Voice Choir

My Own Voice is our newest choir. Started as a pilot program in 2012 to make choral music accessible to all, My Own Voice is a program for children and young adults with needs. The successful pilot resulted in a full-season program available to all. Choristers from Concert Choir and Schola provide mentoring support. My Own Voice is run for two eight-week sessions and rehearses for 75 minutes on Tuesday nights from 6:15-7:30 pm. 

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