This program will ensure that choristers will be trained in music theory as well as choral singing. 
Drs. Frank Clark and Suzan Kamm

The Treble Chorus of New England is pleased to continue the Frank Clark and Suzan Kamm Music Theory Program at the Treble Chorus of New England. Doctors Clark and Kamm, lifelong believers in the transformative influences of music and music edu

cation, generously provided a $25,000 gift as the cornerstone of this program. This program enables our choristers to possess and expand on skills that are critical not only in music and vocal performance, but in other areas of their lives as well. 

The love of music and the appreciation of music theory are rewarding and enriching, providing valuable insight not only into music and vocal performance, but into nearly every aspect of children’s lives,” said Dr. Kamm and her husband. “Our contribution to this important program will help children realize a passion for music and a lasting understanding of music theory and its influence on our world.”

The Treble Chorus of New England Music Theory Class

For one half-hour each week students learn to understand and read music through a spiraling music theory curriculum as well as through aural training and sight-singing. Theory and music appreciation cultivate and strengthen self-esteem and give our students a sense of accomplishment as they gain a better sense of what is being asked of them and learn how to apply it to the music. It also helps to create independent singers with abilities to lead and perform in a variety of circumstances throughout their lives.

Music Theory Times:
Concert Choir 5:30-6:00 pm
Schola 5:30-6:00 pm

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